Inpatient Team

Inpatient Physical and Occupational Rehab at NY Methodist Hospital

METRO SPORTSMED® is proud to provide physical and occupational therapy services since 1998 at NY Methodist Hospital, located in Park Slope Brooklyn, N.Y.

Our staff consists of a team of physical and occupational therapists highly trained to provide services for the acute bedside and acute rehabilitation setting. They are all licensed professionals with numerous advanced degrees who have a vast knowledge in this specialized area.

The inpatient staff has an esteemed tradition of excellence in patient care in areas such as: Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Critical Care Units, Stroke Unit, Pulmonary Rehab, Neuro-Rehab, Neonates and Pediatrics.

The department has passed JACHO, OSHA, and other regulated inspections for over 18 years. The therapists are able to evaluate and treat a variety of diagnoses using strengthening/stretching exercises, modalities, adaptive equipment, therapeutic activities, UE/LE splints, neuromuscular reeducation, assistive devices, ADL training & Gait training.

The management team consists of:

Renee Dance: Chief of Rehab Services

Norma Rossi: Quality and Risk Management Manager

Joseph Coletto: Asst. Chief of Occupational Therapy

Cherry Adibe: Acute Physical Therapy Supervisor

Dominick Napoletano: Acute Rehab Physical Therapy Supervisor

Front Row: Left to Right: Eva Engelson (COTA), Ellen Chang (PT), Anna-Marie Choi (OT), Valia Kaloustian (OT), Renee Dance (PT), Norma Rossi (OT), Igor Sorkin (PTA), Fernando Arias (PTA), Melissa Kerekes (PT), Erin Bresciani (OT), Kristi Sunde (OT)

Back Row: Left to Right: Natalia Khotunitskaya (OT), Alla Matveyeva (PT), Louis Valladares (PTA), Agnes Bielawska-Oracz (PT), Andrzej Bajgierowicz (PTA), Makesi Duncan (OT), Linda Gutowski (PT), Wesley York (OT), Dominick Napoletano (PT), Robin Young (Rehab Coordinator), Cherry Adibe (PT), Joseph Coletto (OT), Beres Marrast (PT).