What Include Spinal Rehabilitation?

A feature of the rehabilitation from spinal injuries is the patient’s serious condition, which often limits his ability to take an active part in recovery activities. Doctors often have to deal with complications by means of the methods aimed at stimulating the central and peripheral nervous system. The problems are caused by a patient’s prolonged stationary position: muscle atrophy, general weakness, impaired functioning of internal organs, and so on. Despite the fact that in the first days after receiving an injury, the patient is often contraindicated moving, rehabilitation measures should be started as early as possible. We are talking about rehabilitation methods and actions aimed at increasing the vitality.What Include Spinal Rehabilitation_

Rehabilitation methods for patients with spinal injuries

Depending on the patient’s diagnosis and well-being, the spinal rehab program will include various methods. They have proven effectiveness in different syndromes that accompany spinal cord injuries, for example as at Metro Spine and Rehab. Ths rehab center is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Motor rehabilitation

Partial or complete body paralysis can be eliminated both under the influence of internal regenerative processes and as a result of work on the development of compensatory mechanisms and reflex stimulation of the brain from the outside. As part of this area, kinesiotherapy methods are used. It implies the physical load of the patient in the number of functional capabilities, both with the use of body weight and with the use of weights and simulators. An occupational therapist is working together with a kinesiotherapist. Electrotherapy, massage are prescribed. All these activities are aimed at acquiring self-care skills. During the lessons, the patient learns to independently change the body position, sit on the bed, get out of it, use a wheelchair, use crutches and use foot orthoses.

Psychological rehabilitation

It is extremely important since any restriction of familiar functions depressingly affects the psyche of even the most even-minded people. Communicating with a psychologist, concentrating on the goals of rehabilitation and maintaining an interest in life help to:

  • participate in rehabilitation activities with greater involvement;
  • endure painful or uncomfortable medical manipulations;
  • remain optimistic in communication with family and friends;
  • adapt to living conditions in the post-traumatic period;
  • put up with irreversible physiological changes, etc.


It is important for every person with disabilities to gain independence from others. It is important to regain the ability to self-service, household items, and ideally to their usual work. All this includes the work of an occupational therapist, who, with the help of special devices and techniques, re-educates a patient in actions. It further helps minimize dependence on others and return to a familiar lifestyle.

Social rehabilitation

Often a spinal injury means the inability to maintain former activities, loss of professional skills or even social isolation due to imperfect infrastructure outside the patient’s apartment (lack of ramps, elevators for the disabled, etc.). Specialists of rehabilitation centers, together with patients, are thinking through measures to preserve previous social duties, develop a new working specialty, overcome barriers in the street, use a car to move, etc.

Lifestyle correction

Spinal injuries, its treatment and the consequences of involuntary immobility in the early recovery period are a serious blow to human health, therefore, a quality rehabilitation program without fail includes:

  • general strengthening measures;
  • elimination of risk factors for chronic diseases;
  • prevention of diseases indirectly related to the main pathology.